SharePoint LastItemUserModifiedDate

Wrote a short script that list all SharePoint sites in your Office 365 tennant with the LastItemUserModifiedDate. Could be handy to see if some sites are not used anymore. First i used Get-SPOSite and LastContentModified, but after some research it turned out that it was not so reliable: My script is a modified version … Continue reading SharePoint LastItemUserModifiedDate

Skype Teams? One product to rule them all?

Late last night I came over a tweet from John Cook that showed us some mysterious new services you will find when running Get-MsolServicePrincipal in PowerShell on your tenant. There were many services starting with the name Skype Teams. When I checked on my own tenant, a service named Skype Teams Services was missing from the output. … Continue reading Skype Teams? One product to rule them all?

Custom notifications in Microsoft Teams

I started googling around to see if Teams had any PowerShell commandlets. Does not look like it, but its a work in progress. There is still a way to interact with Teams trough PowerShell. There is a connector in Teams called Incoming Webhook. This connector can post notifications from any scripting language trough JSON formatted … Continue reading Custom notifications in Microsoft Teams

Skype for Business – Automatic RGS Holidayset

The inspiration for this script came from Chris Hayward´s blogpost/script for creating holiday sets from a JSON source: As he mentions in the blogpost, the only source for JSON dates for most countries is sites that cost $$$. I ended up with the same conclusion. I thought that there should be a way to … Continue reading Skype for Business – Automatic RGS Holidayset

Say hello to my personal assitant: Cortana

A few weeks back i got access to Exclusive Preview for Microsofts new Cortana AI based assistant for booking meetings. After some email exchange with support because of my callendar was not updating with changes from the service, we finaly got it to work. Support found out that my organisation was using hybrid exchange, … Continue reading Say hello to my personal assitant: Cortana