SharePoint LastItemUserModifiedDate

Wrote a short script that list all SharePoint sites in your Office 365 tennant with the LastItemUserModifiedDate. Could be handy to see if some sites are not used anymore. First i used Get-SPOSite and LastContentModified, but after some research it turned out that it was not so reliable: My script is a modified version … Continue reading SharePoint LastItemUserModifiedDate

Skype Teams? One product to rule them all?

Late last night I came over a tweet from John Cook¬†that showed us some mysterious new services you will find when running¬†Get-MsolServicePrincipal in PowerShell on your tenant. There were many services starting with the name Skype Teams. When I checked on my own tenant, a service named Skype Teams Services was missing from the output. … Continue reading Skype Teams? One product to rule them all?

Custom notifications in Microsoft Teams

I started googling around to see if Teams had any PowerShell commandlets. Does not look like it, but its a work in progress. There is still a way to interact with Teams trough PowerShell. There is a connector in Teams called Incoming Webhook. This connector can post notifications from any scripting language trough JSON formatted … Continue reading Custom notifications in Microsoft Teams