Conversation history and missed calls with Lync 2011 on OSX

As everyone know, the Lync client for OSX is starting to age. Skype for Business for Windows is a gigantic leap into the future compared to the Lync OSX client. The Skype for Business OSX client is highly anticipated, but there are little information on when it will be available. Some say it will come this year, others next year. The strange part is that it was not part of either the preview and release version of Microsoft Office 2016 for OSX.

Until then, one feature that is well worth the upgrade to Skype for Business Serve now, is Server Side Conversation History.
A customer of me was really missing this feature on his mac environment.

To activate server side conversation history on your Skype for Business server you can use this PowerShell command:

Set-CsConversationHistoryConfiguration -Identity “Global” -EnableServerConversationHistory $True

You also need to make Skype for Business and Exchange to trust each other using Trusted Application.

After this was done, I logged on with the OSX client to do some testing. The Conversation History folder was not appearing in Outlook. After searching the web for answers, I at last found this command:

Test-CsExStorageConnectivity -SipUri “sip:[email protected]

Now I could see the folder in Outlook. Conversation logs and missed calls was still not there. First after deleting the Lync OSX client and installing it again, the logs started to apear.

As it looks like the Lync OSX client is too old to know how to create this folder, we have to jump start it with the Test-CsExStorageConnectivity command 🙂

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