Amazon Chime, the new kid in town

Under 24 hours ago Amazon anounced a new unified communications service called Chime. It will be availible for most platforms for desktop and mobile except Linux. Chime has most of the features that Skype for Business have, except for one major feature thats missing. Chime has no PBX feature, only for incoming calls to a conference. They also as i cant see have a feature like Broadcast Meeting.

The service will be devided into 3 difrent plans:



It looks like most enterprise customers would go for the Pro plan right away for having any real use. With Office 365 you get the full Office 365 suite with Skype for Business for about 12$ per user, so i think Amazon´s alternative is a bit pricy.

Will be interesting to see how Amazon will be marketing this. How will they try to convince people to switch from Skype for Business over to Chime?

Il try to sign up for a free 30day Pro trial to see if its any fuzz at all.


Here are some sources to read more about this service.

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