Skype Teams? One product to rule them all?

Late last night I came over a tweet from John Cook that showed us some mysterious new services you will find when running Get-MsolServicePrincipal in PowerShell on your tenant. There were many services starting with the name Skype Teams. When I checked on my own tenant, a service named Skype Teams Services was missing from the output.

Here you can see the Skype Teams services:

Is this a sign that Skype for Business and Teams will become one product, or is it a reference to services for both Skype consumer and Teams? Since Skype consumer and Teams are running on the same environment.

Since Teams and Skype for Business share a lot of the same features, I think it is time to fuse the two products together. Its only becoming more and more confusing for the end users. As it recently also was released a Teams Meeting button for Outlook, how should a regular user manage to decide if he wants a Skype for Business meeting or a Teams meeting? Teams is like Skype for Business, but only with a more advanced and evolved persistent chat. Speaking of persistent chat, it is a feature missing from Skype Online. Its event not developed any more for on-premise either.

There are a lot of curiosities from running Get-MsolServicePrincipal. Skype Teams Firehose, what is that? What I could find out from googling a little, is that Microsoft have a blog called the Firehose. The header of that blog is: “The Fire Hose – Covering the news of the day at Microsoft”. Will this be a summary page of new conversations, files etc… in Skype Teams?

Probably not related to Skype Teams, but there is a service called “Loki Server”. What is that? Is it a product name or a code name for a product?

No matter what will happen, I think this year’s Ignite will give us a lot of juicy news.

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