Call que timeout, less than a minute?

I see on Tech Community there have been some requests regarding the call que timeout in Skype Online. The minimum time you can set is 60 seconds, before the call is passed on to somewhere else. I have seen some requests that people need/want to set the timeout to less than 60 seconds.

In the webitnerface its not posible to set any value lower than 60 seconds. I took a look at the Set-CSHuntGroup PowerShell module, and found out that -TimeoutThreshold accepts System.Int16 values. The valuerange of System.Int16 is -32768 to 32767. To set 60 secconds you set the value to 1, which is one minute. Therefor my logic was to set the value to 0.5 to get 30 seconds. I tried to set it with this line/command:
Set-CsHuntGroup -PrimaryUri Sip:[email protected]  -TimeoutThreshold 0.5.
No luck with this one as Get-CsHuntGroup returned a TimeoutTreshhold value of 0.
I also tested to set the value to 1.5, and that returned a TimeoutTreshold value of 2. So it looks like it only accepts whole minutes.

I think its a little strange that you cant be more granular. Is this something they just have not thought trough, or is it a good reason for them to use whole minutes?

Maybe we will see a change after next weeks Ignite conference?
If not we could raise it as a Skype Feedback request, and see how important this is.
I have found someone who already have created a request, but does not look like its been given much attention. Lets see if we can give it another go. Is this something you want? Please let me hear your opinions regarding this topic.–recently-released/suggestions/20370940-call-queue-timeout-less-than-a-minute

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