Automatic update Holidays in AutoAttendant.

First of all, this can be you if you automate holiday updates in AutoAttendant with my script:

A couple of days ago Microsoft realeased new features in preview for AutoAttendant. AutoAttendant in Skype for Business Online finaly have the ability to create holiday schedules!

After fixing a bug that outputted wronge date values, i made a new version of my RGS Holiday Script that can automatic get holiday data from and put them into a AutoAttendant in Office 365.

The script has two parts. One for first time setup and one for updating values/holidays.

The AutoAttendant named ScriptTest i created using my script.


Open the AutoAttendant. Here you see the Primay URI. You will need this when updating the data trough the script. Press Edit.



Under  “hours of operation” you see the day to day opening hours you set when creating the AutoAttendant.



Under “holidays” you see all the holidays inputted automaticaly from to the AutoAttendant trough my PowerShell script.4

Bear in mind that there is a limit of 20 holidays pr AutoAttendant. Not that i think anyone would need that many. You can also have up to 10 timeslots on each holiday.

You can find the script over at GitHub here.

Hope you find this usefull. Please reach out to me on twitter (@alexholmeset) or comments below if you have feedback or requests for the script.




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