Check if Office 365 Groups is Teams enabled


If you use the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module you can only get a list of teams your a member of, even if you are a global admin. With this little script you get a list of all Office 365 Groups and whether its Teams enabled or not. It checks if the group’s mailbox contains a folder type named TeamChat. At first i did a check if there was a folder in conversation history that was named “Team Chat”, but got a tip from Tony Redmond that this changes based on the mailbox language

$TeamsTrueFalse = @()

$Groups = Get-UnifiedGroup

foreach ($Group in $Groups){
$TeamsEnabledCheck = Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity $Group.Alias -IncludeOldestAndNewestItems -FolderScope ConversationHistory | Select-Object FolderType

If ($TeamsEnabledCheck.FolderType -like 'TeamChat') {

$TeamsEnabled = $true

else {
$TeamsEnabled = $false

'Group Alias' = $Group.Alias
'Teams enabled' = $TeamsEnabled




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