Email notification with external members in Teams team.


Been over a month since my last blogpost. I have been completely out of ides on what to blog about or what to script. Twitter to the rescue. Did not take long time after asking that i got some ideas on what i could script. So this is what i decided on doing:

My script does exactly what Max requested, and here it is:

#Remeber to log on to Exchange Online.
$EmailCredential = Get-Credential
$Groups = Get-UnifiedGroup
$Info = @()

foreach($group in $Groups){
$TeamsEnabledCheck = Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity $Group.Alias -IncludeOldestAndNewestItems -FolderScope ConversationHistory | Select-Object FolderType
If ($TeamsEnabledCheck.FolderType -like 'TeamChat') {

$Owners = Get-UnifiedGroupLinks $group.Alias -LinkType owners
$Ownersemail = $Owners.primarysmtpaddress -join ', '
$GroupAlias = $Group.Alias
$Users = Get-UnifiedGroupLinks $Group.Alias  -LinkType members | Where-Object {$_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "GuestMailUser"}
    foreach($User in $Users){
        Name = $User.displayname
        Email = $User.primarysmtpaddress
        "No external members in $GroupAlias"
    Else {
    $info2 = $info | Out-String
    Send-MailMessage -From -To "$owneremail" -Subject "Can any of these External Members on your Team $GroupAlias be disabled?" -Body $info2 -credential $EmailCredential -SmtpServer "" -UseSsl
    $info = @()
    Email sent to these owners: $ownersemail"


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