My trip to Singapore and PowerShell Conference Asia.

While sitting here in Norway waiting for the winter season to fully start, i look back at my trip to Singapore about a month ago, where i had two session at PowerShell Conference Asia.

After my first days of exploring and meeting up with some of the other speakers in Singapore, i ended up with assisting/co-hosting a PowerShell 101 workshop on the pre-conference day. This i really enjoyed. Being able to help people getting started with PowerShell, the tool that changed my IT career.

At day one of the conference we started of with the keynote from Mr. PowerShell himself, Jeffrey Snover. I think there were many others than me that enjoyed that one.
A couple of hours later that day, it was time for my first session:
Getting started with integration of PowerShell and Power BI

When you get feedback like this tweet, it makes it all worth it. All the preparartions and hard work.


At day two i spoke about:
Visualizing PowerShell output automatically in Power BI.


Summarising PowerShell Conference Asia, i had a really great time. I made new friends and spoke with alot of interesting people. After speaking at my second conference, i must say that i really love the Microsoft communitty. Everyone is kind/helpful and wants to help others succeed. If you are thinking about starting to speak, dont hesitate to reach out. I can give you some pointers and take a look at your session proposals.


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