Teams module or Graph API?


Administrating Microsoft Teams have become relatively easier after the PowerShell model was updated to 0.9.6. But have in mind, its still in beta. There were  many basic settings that you only months ago had to do trough GUI or Graph API.

I have compared all the cmdlets in the Teams PowerShell module with how you would do the same operations in Graph API. There are some things not possible in Graph, that is possible with the module and the other way around. In Graph you can’t for example change a channels name like with the module. In the module you can’t list channel messages like in Graph.

So should you use PowerShell or Graph?
The most basic stuff you can accomplish with both methods, but there can be use cases you would prefer one over the other. If you are automating with another language like Python, you can use Graph to administrate Teams. As long as the programming language supports REST calls you can administrate Teams with Graph.

I guess that in the end Graph API and the PowerShell module will have the same feature set. Im not sure, but i would think that the PowerShell module uses the Graph API in one way or the other. Graph API is one of Microsoft´s large focus areas moving forward.



PowerShell                                                 Graph API                                     Comment

Add-TeamUser                                   Add Group Owner / Member

Connect-MicrosoftTeams                Not applicable

Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams           Not applicable

Get-Team                                            Get Team

Get-TeamChannel                             Get Channel

Get-TeamFunSettings                      Get Team

Get-TeamGuestSettings                   Get Team

Get-TeamHelp                                   Not applicable

Get-TeamMemberSettings              Get Team

Get-TeamMessagingSettings          Get Team

Get-TeamUser                                   List Owners / Members

New-Team                                         Create Team                                             Need group

New-TeamChannel                          Create Channel

Remove-Team                                   Delete group

Remove-TeamChannel                    Not applicable

Remove-TeamUser                          Remove Owner / Member

Set-Team                                            Update Team

Set-TeamChannel                             Not applicable

Set-TeamFunSettings                      Update Team

Set-TeamGuest-Settings                  Update Team

Set-TeamMemberSettings              Update Team

Set-TeamMessagingSettings          Update Team

Set-TeamPicture                               Not applicable



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