AudioCodes C450HD review: The native Teams phone!


I was so lucky I got hold of a C450HD phone from AudioCodes. This is their first native Teams phone and even one of the first to market, so I was very eager to test it. You can even by a couple of clicks switch it over to the Skype for Business UI.

The phone has a great build quality. It is heavy enough so it sits in place at your desk without any chance of knocking it over. You find the usual handset and speakerphone. Three things that really stands out when looking at the device is the 5″ touch screen, presence light, and large keys. All in all its a sturdy device and well equipped, as far as you can go with a desk phone.

On the backside, you have among other things two USB ports where you can connect headsets. You even can connect a headset through Bluetooth.  An optional accessory to the phone is a WiFi module, which I mean is very handy since you will not be able to run a LAN cable to every point you want. If you don’t have PoE, remember to order the power adapter.



The audio quality is good, both through the handset and speakerphone. Even if the speakerphone is hidden behind the handset, the audio the people in my conversations heard was quite good.

Heres a picture of what’s in the box beside the device itself. As you see, there is also a wall mount if you want to free up some space from your desk.



All in all, I think this is a great product for the office worker who still wants a desk phone or for the common areas.

Under you see a couple of screenshots of the user interface, which is all in Microsoft hands. I will at a later time write a more in-depth post on the Teams phone software.



4 thoughts on “AudioCodes C450HD review: The native Teams phone!

  1. What is the default device password for the C450HD Teams addition? “1234” does not work and I’ve scoured AudioCodes website for it.


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