I spy with my little eye a Graph API PowerShell SDK!


So recently I spotted a repository on GitHub called msgraph-sdk-powershell.
It turns out that Microsoft has started working on a PowerShell SDK for the Graph API. You can find it over here.

So what is this all about? For me, this makes total sense as it would simplify the process of doing Graph requests in PowerShell. For now, you have to and will most likely still for a wile have to use invoke-RestMethod or Invoke-WebRequest to do the requests as I have in my “Getting started with Graph API and PowerShell” blog post. If you already did not know, many of Microsoft’s PowerShell modules have started to use the Graph API in the background, so this SDK I guess will benefit all the product groups and help them ease the transition to using Graph. Maybe we one day could use one PowerShell module to control the whole Microsoft cloud ecosystem since most of the services are reachable through the Graph API?

As it is now, I would call it an early beta and there is not that much you can do with it yet. Many of the steps do not work, and it looks like some files are missing also. I have not got this to work at this time, but I have already sent in a pull request with some suggested changes. I guess the setup steps will get a lot easier in the future.

An example is a module in the SDK called me.message, where you could to a command like this:


This is the equivalent of the “Get message” request in Graph API.

It is for sure going to be very interesting to see what this SDK turns into. Remember, since this is on GitHub even you can contribute to this!

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