Teams Devices Configuration Profiles Uploader

There's a lot of long manual processes in the Teams Admin Center, like entering configuration profiles for devices like Phones, Panels, Displays, and Teams Rooms on Android. If you work as a consultant, you probably have to redo all this work on each tenant you work on. People maybe add 50-100 profiles for each tenant. … Continue reading Teams Devices Configuration Profiles Uploader

Microsoft Teams Speed Dial Contacts Provisioning

Have you ever thought that it might be handy to provision a curated speed dial list for your end-users to get started with when they are onboarded to Microsoft Teams? Or another scenario, don't have to manually add speed dial contacts on your common area phones for all the commonly used numbers like the reception, … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Speed Dial Contacts Provisioning

Teams Network Planner Automated!

When you are uploading building data to Teams CQD you are provided with a neath CSV file to ease the input of data(CQD Buildingdata). When done, you just upload the CSV to the CQD portal. Now what about the Teams Network Planner? It uses the same data you have in the CQD CSV, but with … Continue reading Teams Network Planner Automated!