My preparation for Microsoft Ignite.


This is more like a checklist/preperation for me ahead of me going to Microsoft Ignite in Orlando later this year.

As it is my first time going to a huge conference like this, i thought maybe it would be interesting for other first timers to read how i prepare. I will also on my way to Orlando and under the conference write about my experience each day. There will also be news articles about whats hot and new. Maybe short hands on tests of products all the vendors are dispalying. My main interest is Office365, collaboration (Teams/Skype) and automation (PowerShell), so there will hopefully be some in dept articles about these topics during the conference week. Reach out if you have something you want me to check out and write about if you are not able to go yourself this year.


What do i expect from Microsoft Ignite?

My first priority is to learn as much as possible of whats new. But another important thing for me, would be meeting up with people from the Microsoft community. It would be my first chance to meet people i have interacted with trough Twitter, blog and techcommunity since i started to be active in social media.


So what tech do i pack for a trip like this?

Il first of all bring my Surfacebook, Plantronics UC 8200 headset and my Iphone 8.I think i will get most of my work done with these. I dont see any need of brining a seperate camera these days when a phone takes more than decent photos. Note to my self, get a batterypack for charging my phone. I also have a Polar V800 clock i always use, so will be funn to see how much walking there is going to be. Have heard rumours about 18k steps is normal.


What i have read about before, is that Microsoft have boots manned by MVPs  within difrent fields. You get easy access to the expert consultants in the industry, and they are happy to answer your questions. Im a bit spoiled to be working in a company with 4 employes, and two of my colleauges are MVPs. Also go to all the Microsoft booths for your favourite product to have a chat with the people working on making these. Its a unique chance to get new hands on information.

Its time to start planning what sessions to take a look at during Microsoft Ignite:
If you are attending a session by a speaker you enjoy listening to, go forward and say hi after the session. Specially if you have interacted with the speaker before trough for example Twitter. Its a great chance to network!
Im also going to “Norsk Aften” (Norwegian evening) party. A gathering for all norwegians at Microsoft Ignite. The party is made possible/sponsored by my employer CloudWay and some other companies.

I think Microsoft Ignite will be a great experience!

One last thing, if you want to hear a Microsoft Ignite regulars view on the conference, read this great article by James Arber:

Reach out if you whant to meetup during the week in Orlando!

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