Pexip: Moving to Skype Online and separate video domain.


A scenario I have worked with lately, and think is very common:
Skype for Business on-premises/hybrid and Pexip on the same network. Then the customer wants to move Skype for Business to online/O365 only.

What do we need to think about before doing a move like this, having the Pexip system in mind?

  • No trusted application in Office 365
  • New sipdomain for video
  • New certificate for edge nodes
  • DNS changes

When you have the on-premises/hybrid solution, you need to setup Pexip nodes as a trusted application on the Skype for Business server. This we do to be able to make a call from Skype for Business into a Pexip virtual meeting room.
When homing Skype for Business in Office 365, that won’t be possible. It’s not possible to setup at trusted application in the Skype admin portal.

So, what would happen with the Pexip integration if we moved Skype for Business to Office 365? It would break. This for the single reason that when you would try to call a virtual meeting room, Skype Online would not know where to send this traffic. This because the traffic is sent to, where the meeting room don’t have an address.

So how would we solve this?
You need to create a separate web domain for your Pexip system. Then you would have point to your Pexip edge node external IP. So, when calling a virtual meeting room from Skype, you would call [email protected] Before doing the call, you can see presence, and after the call is connected you are joined to the Pexip virtual meeting room. The way this now works is trough federation.

You would of course need to do some changes on the Pexip Management node and add a new certificate. I will go through the whole process, step by step in a future blogpost. One thing I found out after talking to Pexip support, was that after adding the new certificate on the edge node you sometimes would need to reboot the node for it to update the new certificate chain.

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